Upgrade workflows to Nintex Workflow Cloud

The Nintex for Office 365 workflow upgrade tool will enable you to move all of your your workflows from Nintex for Office 365 to Nintex Workflow Cloud. Nintex Workflow Cloud is Nintex's next generation cloud-first automation platform which allows you to easily integrate with systems and tools you already use to accelerate digital transformation. To learn more about Nintex Workflow Cloud, see the Nintex Workflow Cloud help documentation.

While Nintex Workflow Cloud provides superior workflow capabilities, there are some platform differences which are noted in the Feature comparison. While we have taken every effort to enable upgrading workflows seamlessly, some manual configuration or substituting of actions may be required after upgrading.

The upgrade guide in the Nintex Workflow Cloud help documentation provides step-by-step instructions and describes how you can upgrade your Nintex for Office 365 workflows to a Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant.

Note: Submit a request through Self service available in Nintex Customer Central to activate the upgrade experience for your tenant.

Upgrade to Nintex Workflow Cloud

Upgrade guide that provides step-by-step instructions to upgrade your workflows and task forms from Nintex for Office 365 to Nintex Workflow Cloud.


Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about the upgrade process.

Workflow actions upgrade details

View a list of actions in Nintex for Office 365 and the equivalent action in Nintex Workflow Cloud it's mapped to and the upgrade details.

Feature comparison

A high level comparison of the features available in Nintex for Office 365 and Nintex Workflow Cloud.