Nintex services

This topic describes Nintex services visible on the Central Administration server.

The following Central Administration pages list Nintex services.

Note: A service may appear on multiple pages.

The following table describes Nintex services.

Service Description

Nintex Connector Subscription Synchronization

Synchronizes all available connector actions in the Nintex external platform (

Nintex Connector Workflow Manager

Polls the Nintex external platform ( to determine the status of service requests. Polling frequency: 15 minutes.

Nintex Connector Queue Service

Monitors the status of service requests for connector actions using a Windows Azure service bus. If a provider is unavailable, retries for a given period to prevent workflow failure.

Nintex Connector Workflow Queue Service Recycle

Resets the Nintex Connector Queue Service (releases memory).

Nintex Connector Workflow Service

Indicates that external settings are enabled. For instructions, see Configure external settings for Workflow.

Nintex Connector Workflow Synchronization

Synchronizes connector actions; retrieves the latest version of connector action configuration properties from the Nintex external platform (

Nintex Peak Usage Synchronization

Calculates workflow usage metrics.

Nintex Synchronization

Counts workflows from all sites within the farm.

Nintex Workflow Scheduler

Schedules workflows. For more information, see Schedule workflows.

Nintex Workflow Start Service

Starts or resumes workflows based on events received from External Start or Document Generation. (External Start events start workflows; Document Generation events resume workflows.) Tracks events using a Windows Azure service bus.

This service is installed and enabled when External Start is enabled. For instructions on enabling External Start and Document Generation, see Configure external settings for Workflow.

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