Connect to the Nintex external platform

Note: Nintex Live is known as the Nintex external platform in Nintex for SharePoint 2016. The external platform includes the following external features: Connector actions (live actions), external forms (live forms), Document Generation, and External Start. The external platform is automatically installed and deployed on the Central Administration server; however, the external features are not enabled by default.

This section describes how to connect the SharePoint server to the Nintex external platform. If you are not installing Nintex external platform features, then you can skip this section.

Connecting the server to the Nintex external platform involves making sure the server can access required certificates and URLs.

Optionally, you can install the Nintex external platform on servers that do not host SharePoint Central Administration.

To install the Nintex external platform on a server that does not host SharePoint Central Administration (optional)

  1. Log on to the server hosting SharePoint Central Administration.

  2. Open a SharePoint PowerShell command prompt and run the following command:


To confirm server connection to the Nintex external platform

To review availability of required certificates

  1. On the Central Administration Home page, select Security.

  2. In the General Security section, click Manage trust.

  3. Review availability of the following certificates; if any are unavailable, update to make them available.

    Baltimore CyberTrust Root.crt



    Thawte EV SSL CA_G2.cer

    Thawte EV SSL CA_G3.cer

    Thawte EV SSL CA_SHA256.cer

    Thawte Primary Root CA.cer

    Thawte SSL CA - G2.cer

    Thawte SSL CA.cer

    Thawte SSL CA_SHA256.cer




To confirm server access to required URLs

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