Task Step

Use the Task step to create and configure tasks to send to a user. These tasks appears on the user's task list.

You can configure the following in a Task step:

  • Who receives the task (Users and Groups)
  • What actions people can perform, such as Approve, Deny, and Rework
  • Send a default email task notification
  • Send a custom email task notification
  • Configure task outcomes (what happens after someone takes a particular action)
  • Configure task result rules (custom logic for determining what happens when multiple people are assigned the same task)
  • Configure task result voting rules
  • Configure initial and subsequent email reminders
  • Use the Reminders function to redirect a task to another user after a period of time
  • Configure when a task should expire and the what the workflow does after expiration
  • Configure the priority of the task

Use the Task step for the following scenarios:

  • When user interaction is required within a workflow
  • Keep users and workflow recipients up to date and notified of new worklist items. These items needs their input in order to complete
  • To allow recipients to approve, reject, review, edit, route, or otherwise act on data

Drag the Task step from the Basic category, Favorites bar, or the Recent category onto the canvas.

Example of a Task step in a workflow

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