Reconfigure the Environment

Once you have your K2 environment up and running, you may need to modify components or change configuration settings. This is accomplished by re-running the Setup Manager to add or remove components, or to change configuration settings.

After installing a Cumulative Update (CU) or Fix Pack (FP), any time you repair, reconfigure, or modify your installation, you must reinstall the same or latest CU and FP.

Use the information in the following topics to reconfigure your K2 environment.

Features Description
Configure Re-configures the existing K2 installation, running through the screens as in the Simple Installation.
Uninstall Removes the existing K2 components from your environment.
Modify Modifies the existing installation by either adding or removing components.
Repair The repair option re-installs the components currently installed on the local, target system.
If any change is made to the K2 Designer web site, the users must clear their browser cache for the changes to reflect.