Do calculation

Use the Do calculation actionA tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows. to perform a mathematical calculation with two values and an operator. The output of the calculation can be stored in a variable, which you can use throughout your workflow.

For example, let's say you have a sales process that allows for a discount to be applied to a billing amount. The Do Calculate action takes a dollar value e.g. $1000 and a discount value e.g. 10%, and uses both values in a multiplication calculation to output a final discounted billing amount $900 as a variable.

1000 x 0.90 = 900

You can use the output variable throughout your workflow in a variety of actions. For example, add the discounted amount to the body of an email sent by an Assign a task action.

Watch the video tutorial Nintex for Office 365 - Collection Operations in Nintex University to see how the Do calculation action works.

Before you start 

Add and configure the Do calculation action

  1. Click the Operations action group in the action toolbox.
  2. or

    Type the action name or function in the Search field at the top of the action toolbox.

  1. Drag the Do calculation action to the Designer canvas.
  2. Do one of the following to open the Action configuration window:

    • Double-click the action.
    • Click on the action and then click Configure.

    See Action configuration window for more information.

  3. Specify the First operand for the calculation.
  4. Select the Operator to use in the calculation.
  5. Specify the Second operand for the calculation.
  6. Select a variable to store the Output of the calculation.

For more information about the fields, buttons, and settings, see Do calculation action fields, buttons, and settings.