Start a workflow manually

You can start a workflow manually. In order for list workflows to be started manually, you must ensure that they are configured to start manually using start options.

Configuring a list workflow to start manually

A list workflow can be configured to start manually through Workflow Settings or when publishing the workflow.

  1. Open the required list workflow and do one of the following:
    • From the toolbar, select Settings. The Workflow Settings window opens.
    • Use this option if you want to save the workflow settings but the workflow is not ready to be published yet.

    • From the toolbar, click Publish. The Publish window opens.
    • Use this option only if you have configured all the actions and the workflow is ready to be published.

  1. Under Start options, enable the Start manually toggle.
  2. Click Save or Publish.

Starting a workflow manually

  1. Do the following to open the Workflow page from a site or list/library item:

    • Site: Click Site Contents and then click Site Workflows.
    • List or library item: Click on Show actions () on the item row, hover over More and then click Workflow.
  2. Click the workflow that you want to start.

    When the workflow contains start variables, which are workflow variables with the initiationConfiguration setting to display the variable on the start form. A variable configured to display on the start form is known as a "start variable." A start form is displayed when manually starting a workflow that contains one or more "start variables." The start form prompts the workflow initiator to provide values for these variables. option selected, a start form appears.