Enhance your integration with Specification Extensions

Specification Extensions, formerly known as vendor extensions, provide vendor-specific capabilities within the OpenAPI SpecificationA standard, language-agnostic description of RESTful APIs that can be read by both humans and machines. Formerly known as Swagger.. They can be single properties or objects, and can be added almost anywhere in the OpenAPI Specification. They are prefixed by a special code, so that they don't disrupt the rest of the OpenAPI Specification.

Specification Extensions allow you to control how your custom connectorA set of instructions for the Nintex Workflow Platform to use third-party API functionality with Nintex workflows. A custom connector may include workflow actions, start events, forms or file control. behaves inside Nintex Workflow Cloud. By adding special key-value pairs, you can hide or rename a custom actionA task that can be performed or triggered within a workflow, such as moving a file, sending an email, or using third-party API functionality. from view in the Workflow designer, create a drop-down field populated with values from the API, and much more.

Specification Extensions for Nintex Xtensions


Define the name that appears in Nintex Workflow Cloud for your custom action, or its configuration fields in the Workflow designer.

Rename actions and configuration fields with x-ntx-summary


Create a drop-down list populated by the API using a helper operationA single request to a third-party API. Operations often become actions in the workflow designer., so that designers can select options from the API when configuring their custom action.

Populate a drop-down field from the API using x-ntx-dynamic-values.


Hide operations and configuration fields that designers don't need to use from the Workflow designer to streamline the custom action.

Hide operations from the Workflow designer with x-ntx-visibility

Next steps

Rename actions and configuration fields with x-ntx-summary