Forms Views

In Nintex Forms 2013, a form view or form mode describes the state in which a form is displayed.

For example, the view provided by the Forms designer and the view provided by the Forms filler represent two very different contexts, with different information displayed for the form controls.

The following form views are supported in Nintex Forms 2013:

Design time

The Forms designer represents design time view, in which the form is rendered while viewing or editing a form.


The preview form page represents a preview view, in which the form is rendered using a selected layout.

Run time

The form rendered in the Forms filler represents a run time view, in which the form is rendered and responsive to events.

Run time view supports two modes, edit and display.

Edit Mode

The edit mode will respond to user initiated events such as the focus on a control.

Display Mode

Display mode will disable response to user initiated events. This will have the effect of not allowing the form user from changing the values of the controls.


The mobile optimizes the form for mobile use. Some controls are enabled for the mobile application.

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