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Nintex Workflow 2013 > Workflow Actions
Pause Until

This action will pause the workflow at this step and delay it until a set date and time defined.

Parameters are evaluated when the action is executed, with times calculated in UTC.​

To use the workflow action:

  • Locate the action in Workflow Actions Toolbox (located on the left hand-side);
    • Click on the Category listings to reveal the actions; OR
    • Search for the action using a keyword.
  • Select the action, drag it onto the design canvas and drop it onto a design pearl.


  • Left-clicking the pearl, mouse-over Insert Action and then the Categories to reveal the actions, click the required action from the list.

To change the settings used by the action:

  • On the action’s title click the down arrow to activate a drop-down
  • Select Configure; OR
  • Double-click the action's icon.

For more information on the other options in the drop-down, please refer to the Getting started with the Nintex Workflow designer.


 Options within the action

Set the date and time at which the workflow will recommence by:

  • Manually entering the date (in the regional date format e.g: mm/dd/yyyy), then selecting the hour and minutes.
  • Using Calendar Picker to select a date , then selecting the hour and minutes.
  • Setting the date value to a date workflow variable or a date field within the site in which the workflow is associated.

For more details on using List lookups, please refer to the Using lookups.