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Nintex Workflow 2013 > Using the Workflow Designer
Getting started with the Nintex Workflow designer

Getting started with the Nintex Workflow designer.

Creating a workflow

A workflow can be created in one of two ways.

To create a new workflow from within a Document Library:

  1. Select the Library tab on the Ribbon.
  2. Click the Workflow Settings button and select Create a Workflow in Nintex Workflow from the menu options. 

To create a new workflow from the Workflow Gallery: 

  1. Click the Workflow Settings button in the Ribbon and select Manage Workflows with Nintex Workflow.
  2. Click the Create link above the Published Workflows list.

Note: If the Show template page when creating a new workflow box ix checked (the default setting) the template selector will appear. To design a new workflow on a blank canvas, select Blank, or alternatively select a template from one of the categories.

The Nintex Workflow designer will open in the current window.

The Nintex Workflow Designer

The Nintex Workflow designer page has three main areas; the Workflow Actions toolbox on the left, the Ribbon at the top and the design canvas in the center.

The Workflow Actions toolbox

The Workflow Actions toolbox lists the actions that can be used in the design canvas to create workflows. The actions are divided into groups of related actions. Click the heading of a group to view the actions in that group. The default groupings are:

  • Commonly used
  • Integration
  • Libraries and lists
  • Logic and flow
  • Operations
  • Provisioning
  • User Defined Actions (shown only if the User Defined Actions have been created)
  • User interaction
  • My snippets (shown only if snippets have been created)

The names of workflow actions and the groupings can be edited by the Administrator. For more information please refer to the Managing workflow actions.

Resizing the Actions toolbox

To resize the toolbox: Click and drag on the expander bar on the inside edge of the toolbox.

Adding actions to the design canvas

To design a workflow, add the desired actions onto the design canvas and configure each action. An action can be placed onto the design canvas by one of two methods:

  • Left-click and drag an action from the Actions toolbox and drop it onto a drop zone on the design canvas; OR
  • Right-click on a drop zone on the design canvas, click Insert Action and select the required action from the list.

Configuring actions

To configure an action, select the drop-down menu in the title bar of the workflow action once it is on the design canvas.  

Configure: Open the action settings dialog to configure the settings of an action.

Copy: Select to copy an action (includes all its configuration settings) and paste in to another location on the design canvas. Once the action has been copied, find the desired location on the design canvas, right-click on a drop zone and select Paste.

Note: The configuration of the pasted action can then be modified independently of the original.

Delete: Select to remove the action and any modifications made to it from the workflow.

Disable: Select to disable the action from the workflow. Once the action is disabled it will be omitted when the workflow is run and hidden from status views. The action will appear dimmed when it is disabled.

Note: When an action is disabled, its child actions are also disabled.

The workflow action can also be disabled from the Actions dialog box. To do this, click Common in the Ribbon and check the Disable box.

The Ribbon Menu

The Ribbon menu can be found at the top of the design canvas. The options and related Help files are all listed below.

  • Save: Please refer to Opening and saving workflows
  • Publish: Please refer to Publishing a workflow
  • New: Click New to clear the current design canvas and start a new blank workflow. A warning message will be shown if the current workflow has not been saved.
  • Open: Please refer to Opening and saving workflows
  • Close: Click to close the workflow designer and return to the original location. If the current workflow has not been saved, a prompt will appear to save before closing. If the workflow is not saved, the unsaved work will be lost.
  • Print: Please refer to Printing
  • Import: Please refer to Importing and exporting workflows
  • Export: Please refer to Importing and exporting workflows
  • Workflow Settings: Please refer to Workflow Settings
  • Zoom options: Click the zoom buttons to increase or decrease the designer canvas viewing size. Click the 100% button to restore the view to its normal state.
  • Connection Manager: Displays the Connection Manager dialog box for managing connections to external providers. Available when Nintex Live is enabled. For more information, see Connection Manager dialog box.
  • Catalog: Click to display the list of services that can be added to the workflow toolbox. Please refer to Using the Nintex Live Catalog.