Nintex RPA deployment

Ensure you deploy the correct Nintex RPA files for your application and licensing needs.

Nintex RPA

Nintex RPA consists of two components and works with Botflow licensing:

Important information before deployment

Whether deploying Nintex RPA Suite for the first time or upgrading an existing installation, confirm you have the latest release from the Product Releases page and product keys to ensure the deployment goes smoothly.

Latest version: Review the Nintex RPA Release Notes to ensure:

  • Your system meets the latest System Requirements.
  • You have the latest features, enhancements and bug fixes.
  • You obtain the latest release from the Product Releases page of the Nintex RPA Suite before beginning deployment.
  • Note: Nintex customer registration is required to use the Product Releases page.

License key: To complete the deployment, have your License KeyA License Key is required to complete your Nintex RPA and Nintex RPA Central installation. ready. Your License Key will be emailed to you upon purchase of your licenses. The License Key will be in the following format: XXXXX- XXXXX- XXXXX- XXXXX- XXXXX


Please contact Nintex Support with any questions.