Set Variable

The Set Variable action An instruction within a botflow. stores a value in a specific variable.

Using the Set Variable action, you can:

Some examples of using the Set Variable action are:

  • Setting the value of a formula to evaluate data.
  • Concatenating together text.
  • Setting the value of a set of tokens to aggregate data.

Add a Set Variable action to a botflow

This example provides the steps necessary to add a Set Variable action to a botflow.

To add a Set Variable action to a botflow:

  1. On the Actions list, click Data and then click Set Variable from the Variables list.
  2. The Set Variable Action Builder window displays.

  3. Set the Set Variable settings.
    • Variable: Type a variable in the Variable field.
    • Value: Type a value in the Value field.

  4. If needed, adjust the Run Switch setting to create the action without running it.
  5. Optionally, add an action note.
  6. Click OK to add the Set Variable action to the botflow.