Nintex K2 Cloud Product Support and Release Strategy

This article describes Nintex’s official release strategy for Nintex K2 Cloud. It also includes information on how product releases may affect version support. Additionally, support plans for third-party software (including Microsoft products) are included in this article. Please contact your local Nintex representative with any questions.

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Release Timing and Definitions

Nintex K2 Cloud product releases occur periodically, depending on the release vehicle. Minor versions (e.g., the late 2022 release, update 18) occur twice a year, generally early and late in the calendar year. Fix packs release weekly and are applied to Nintex K2 Cloud environments by customer request. Maintenance windows are scheduled for each environment during an update period and scheduled outside of business hours for the specific data center region. For more information on maintenance and upgrade windows, please see the Nintex K2 Cloud Service Policy.

Third-Party Software Support Plans

Nintex K2 Cloud integrates with various third-party systems and applications. Nintex will plan to support third-party integration per the following guidelines:

  • Nintex tests our integration with the third-party version available at the beginning of our testing cycle. These versions are listed in the compatibility matrix.
  • If the third-party vendor maintains backwards compatibility with the APIs and integration points Nintex K2 Cloud uses, minor releases (such as service packs, cumulative updates, or patches) of third-party products are supported.
  • If the third-party vendor makes a breaking change to an integration point with Nintex K2 Cloud, we will react to that change through our normal support channels and update cycles.
  • Nintex K2 Cloud releases will drop support for third-party products that are no longer supported by those third parties.
  • Any support for new versions of third-party products or additional third-party products not currently integrated with Nintex K2 Cloud will be communicated as Nintex develops plans, if any, for integration.

Mobile Application Non-App Store Delivery Mechanisms

Nintex does not explicitly test or support Nintex K2 mobile software delivered through other mechanisms, such as specific MDMs. Nintex will only support issues that are able to be reproduced in an App Store signed version of the app. If an issue is found with an app that a customer has re-signed using an enterprise profile that cannot be reproduced with the app store version, Nintex will not support it and will not provide a fix for the issue.

API Support Policy

When possible, Nintex will minimize the impact of API changes to attempt to maintain backwards compatibility with previous Nintex K2 Cloud releases. However, Nintex reserves the right to make breaking changes in Major and Minor releases. Nintex will not introduce breaking changes in Fix Packs. Wherever possible, breaking changes in APIs will be described in that version's release notes. If you use APIs that have changed in your custom code, you may need to update custom code to cater for possible breaking changes.

Legacy Component Support Policy

Depending on when you started using Nintex K2 Cloud, you may have legacy components. Nintex recommends that any new development of Nintex K2 applications is done on the latest components to take advantage of the newest features.

While artifacts created in legacy designers or integrating with legacy APIs will continue to run, we reserve the right to remove and deprecate those components in the future. Legacy components remain supported during the support window for the release in which they are installed.

No legacy component will receive additional features. If there are features in the legacy components that are not yet in the newer versions, please log your feedback to for prioritization.

Product Support Lifecycle Policy

Nintex K2 Cloud is a Software-As-A-Service platform, hosted by Nintex and is subject to regular service-initiated maintenance and updates per the Nintex K2 Cloud Service Policy. As such, the Nintex K2 Cloud Support Lifecycle Policy is inclusive of the latest software release version plus one release version back. This policy ensures that all Nintex K2 Cloud customers are fully supported during upgrade and maintenance windows. More information on scheduled updates, customer-requested upgrade reschedule windows and service level agreements can be found in the Nintex K2 Cloud Service Policy.