Nintex Workflow for Box

Nintex Workflow for Box allows people in your organization to automate and optimize their own content creation and collaboration processes—with Box at the center. Using this app, users with access to a Box account can select a file and run a workflow.

For example, this animation illustrates starting an automated review process for a press release by running the related workflow right from Box.

Before you start 


Follow these steps to automate your document workflows using the Nintex Workflow for Box app.


Add the Nintex Workflow for Box app

Add the Nintex Workflow for Box app to your Box account so you can integrate your Box files to your workflows in Nintex Workflow Cloud.

  1. Log in to your Box account.
  2. On the dashboard, click your profile icon on the upper right and then select Apps.
  3. On the new page that appears, enter "Nintex Workflow for Box" in the search box and press ENTER.
  4. From the search results, click Nintex Workflow for Box.
  5. Note: If your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant exists in the Europe region, click Nintex Workflow for Box (Europe). To know your region, go to the License and subscription page in Nintex Workflow Cloud. Please contact your administrator for more information.

  1. On the next page, click Add.
  2. Once the app is successfully added to your Box account, you can begin integrating Box files to your worflows in Nintex Workflow Cloud.
  3. Go back to your Box dashboard of files. You will see Nintex Workflow app is now available for any file, under More Options > Integrations.
  4. Nintex Workflow for Box

    For more information on how to add apps to your Box account, see Adding apps to your Box account.


Select the Nintex Workflow for Box start event

Every workflow in Nintex Workflow Cloud needs a start event to define how the workflow can be triggered to start. For this tutorial, we must specify that our workflow begins from Nintex Workflow for Box.

Log in to your Nintex Workflow Cloud tenant and use the following steps.

In the Designer page of Nintex Workflow Cloud

  1. Open the Start event configuration panel: At the top of the designer canvas on the Designer page, click Start event.
  2. For Start from, select Box.
  3. For Event, select Nintex Workflow for Box.

    Additional configuration fields appear.


Configure the start event

After you have selected the start event, you can begin selecting a Box connection and specifying the folder within your Box account in which to show this workflow for individual files. Conditions are not available for this start event.


Design and publish a workflow for

After you have configured the start event, you can begin designing your workflow. Make sure to publish it when completed.

  1. Add actions to your workflow.

    For example, add the action Send an email to notify a team member of the workflow starting.

  2. To reference the file used to start the workflow during configuration of an action, insert the File path variable.

    For example, insert the variable into the message body of an email.

  3. When you're done designing the workflow, click Publish on the upper left.

    You can now access the workflow in Box. Follow the next steps to do that.


Access your workflow in Box

The Nintex Workflow for Box app displays a list of workflows with which you can use to integrate your Box files.