Box - New file

Box start events are currently unavailable in the APAC region and will be released soon.

Use the Box - New file start event The connector and event for triggering the workflow to run, including required configuration. An example is Box - New file, which triggers the workflow to run when a new file is uploaded to the specified folder. to start your workflow whenever a new file is uploaded to a folder you specify in your Box account.

Box has other start events as well as actions. For more information, see Connectors.

Before you start 

Select the Box - New file start event

In the Designer page: 

  1. Open the Start event configuration panel: At the top of the designer canvas on the Designer page, click Start event.
  2. From Start from drop-down field, select Box.
  3. For Event, select Box - New file.

    Additional fields appear. To configure, see Configure the start event.

Configure the start event

During configuration of the Box - New file start event, you can select the folder path for monitoring, add provided start event variables A variable associated with the start event. Often referenced by actions in the workflow. For example, a start event variable might capture input in a form field. to store information about the new file for use later in the workflow, and set conditions A variable that groups several related variables of any type into a hierarchical structure. Objects can contain other Objects., such as requirements for the file name or creation date.

Maintain path integrity

Caution: If you move, rename, or delete a file/folder, any workflows that use that file/folder will not start or will fail. Make sure you keep the paths in your workflow configurations up to date.