Nintex RPA

Nintex RPA is a robotic process automation technology that uses robots or 'bots' to complete repetitive analytical tasks and processes. For more information on Nintex RPA, see the Nintex RPA help documentation.

The Nintex RPA connector Service used to define a connection required for associated actions and start events. Examples include Salesforce and Box. Method of integration to cloud services, business applications and content stores. is used to create connections for the Nintex RPA - Start a Nintex RPA automation action. For more information on the connector, see Automation Cloud Connector.

Nintex Automation Cloud communicates with Nintex RPA via Nintex Gateway. Nintex Gateway is an on-premises application that enables Nintex Automation Cloud to access to the Nintex RPA server in order to then access your automation tasks.

Before you begin: 

  • Ensure that you are using Nintex RPA 22.9.1 or above

  • Install and configure Nintex Gateway. Nintex RPA Cloud customers will have Nintex Gateway installed for them by the Nintex RPA operations team. You must request this installation from Nintex Support.