Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online is a hosted messaging solution for Office 365 and Microsoft 365, that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange Server as a cloud-based service. It gives users access to email, calendar, contacts, and tasks from any cloud-connected device. For more information on Microsoft Exchange Online, see the company website.

In the context of Nintex Automation Cloud Microsoft Exchange Online is a connector Service used to define a connection required for associated actions and start events. Examples include Salesforce and Box. Method of integration to cloud services, business applications and content stores.. The Microsoft Exchange Online connector is used to create connections for Microsoft Exchange Online actions A workflow action that performs a basic operation through a connected system, such as Salesforce or Box.. Use Microsoft Exchange Online actions to work with calendar items in Microsoft Exchange Online. You can also use the Microsoft Exchange Online connector to send emails through your own exchange instead of Nintex Automation Cloud, which uses SendGrid.

Create a Microsoft Exchange Online connection

Note: Your browser-stored credentials are accessed to create connections. Either clear credentials from browser memory or make sure the stored credentials are for the intended environment.

Create a connection from the connections page or from the action configuration panel when configuring the action. For information about creating connections and assigning permissions, see Manage connections.

Admin approval to create a Microsoft Exchange Online connection

Nintex Automation Cloud uses the Nintex Connector - Exchange Online app to connect to Microsoft Exchange Online. A global administrator must grant permission for the app when creating a connection.

  • Global administrator grants permissions in Microsoft Exchange Online

    If you're a global admin, you can review, and grant consent to the app on behalf of all users.

  • Non-global admin requests permissions via Nintex Automation Cloud
  • A user with non-global administrator role is required to ask the global administrator to grant permission to connect to Microsoft Exchange Online.

Create a Microsoft Exchange Online data source

Use the Microsoft Exchange Online data source data source to create a drop-down list of calendar items. Each data source is configured for a specific project base. You can create as many data sources as you need. For more information on creating a data source and assigning permissions to it, see Data sources.

For example, to allow users to select a specific calendar item, add a drop-down list of calendar items to the form using a Data lookup control A form control that allows users to select from a drop-down list of values that have been fetched from a third-party service.. The Data lookup control uses a Microsoft Exchange Online - Get calendar items data source to list the calendar items available in a Microsoft Exchange Online in the drop-down.

You can create a data source to:

  • Get calendar items: list all the calendar items in from a Microsoft Exchange Online account.

Microsoft Exchange Online data source fields

To access the data source fields, in the Add data source section, select Microsoft Exchange Online in the Connector field, and then select the Operation.


Field or selection


Get calendar items Connection The connection to use for the data source.
  • When: The calendar detail field that begins the conditional statement.

  • Operator: Operator to use for the condition. Comparison between When and Value fields is done based on the selected operator. Selections in the drop-down list correspond to the data type of the column selected for When.

  • Value. The value to match with the detail field specified for When.

  • Summary. Description of the condition.