Cloudmersive - Currency

The Cloudmersive - Currency connector Service used to define a connection required for associated actions and start events. Examples include Salesforce and Box. Method of integration to cloud services, business applications and content stores. is used to create connections for Cloudmersive - Currency actions A tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows..

The following actions are available:

Use Cloudmersive - Currency actions to retrieve currencies and exchange rates, and to convert currencies.

Create a Cloudmersive - Currency connection

You can create connections from the Automate or Designer page.


Permissions enable you to manage access for other users to use, edit, and delete connections.







Note: By default, users with administrator role will have the same rights as a Connection owner.

Create a Cloudmersive - Currency data source

Use the Cloudmersive - Currency data source to create a drop-down list of currencies.

Example:  To allow users to select a specific currency in a form, add a drop-down list of currencies to the form using a Data lookup control A form control that allows users to select from a drop-down list of values that have been fetched from a third-party service.. The Data lookup control uses a Cloudmersive - Currency - Get currencies data source to list the currencies available in the drop-down.

You can create a data source to:

  • Get currencies: list all the currencies available in Cloudmersive - Currency.

Each data source is configured for a specific project base. You can create as many data sources as you need.