Bitbucket is a Git repository management solution designed for professional teams. It gives you a central place to manage git repositories, collaborate on your source code, and guide you through the development flow. In the context of Nintex Automation Cloud, Bitbucket is a connector Service used to define a connection required for associated actions and start events. Examples include Salesforce and Box. Method of integration to cloud services, business applications and content stores. used to create connections for Bitbucketactions A tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows.. You can use the Bitbucket actions to create an issue, and retrieve repositories and workspaces.

For more information on Bitbucket see the company website.

Create a Bitbucket connection

Create a connection from the connections page or from the action configuration panel when configuring the action. For information about creating connections and assigning permissions, see Manage connections.

Note: The OAuth Key and Secret are from the OAuth consumer you created. For more information, see the Bitbucket account requirements content.

Bitbucket account requirements

  • Nintex Automation Cloud uses the Nintex Automation Cloud - Bitbucket Connector to create Bitbucket connections. This connection requires you to grant the Nintex Automation Cloud domain access to certain Bitbucket data.
  • The account you use to create a connection for Bitbucket is the account that has access to the Bitbucket actions.
  • You must have a Repository and a Project already created in your Workspace before creating a connection.
  • Once your Repository and Project are created in Bitbucket, you must setup OAuth authentication on your Workspace. See Use OAuth on Bitbucket Cloud for the steps to create an OAuth consumer.
    • Use the following Callback URLs for your area. If both are required, create a consumer for each.

      • For a tenant in the USA use:

      • For a tenant in Australia use:

    • Once the consumer is created, it shows in the OAuth consumers list. Click on the consumer to display the Key and Secret. You will use these when authenticating a new connection.

  • The Issue Tracker must be enabled for each Repository you want to use with Nintex Worflow Cloud. See Enable an issue tracker for more information.

Create a Bitbucket data source

Use the Bitbucket data source to retrieve data from Bitbucket repositories and workspaces and create a drop-down list within a form. Each data source is configured for a specific account. You can create as many data sources as you need. For more information on creating a data source and assigning permissions to it, see Data sources.

For example, to allow users to select a specific repository from a Bitbucket workspace within a form, add a drop-down list of repositories to the form using a Data lookup control A form control that allows users to select from a drop-down list of values that have been fetched from a third-party service.. The Data lookup control uses a Bitbucket - Get repositories data source to list the repositories available from the Bitbucket connection in the drop-down.

You can create a Bitbucket data source to:

  • Get repositories: list the repositories available from a workspace from your Bitbucket account.
  • Get workspaces: list the workspaces available from your Bitbucket account.

Bitbucket data source fields

When you create a Bitbucket data source, you can configure additional fields to specify which tables, views, and stored procedures the data source should retrieve.

To access the data source fields, in the Add data source section, select the Bitbucket Connector and the Operation.

The following operations are available for the Bitbucket connector:

  • Get repositories
  • Get workspaces

The configuration fields displayed depend on the operation selected.


Field or selection


Get repositories Connection The connection for the data source.


  • The Bitbucket workspace that contains the repository.
  •   Created after Retrieves repositories created after this date.
      Role Retrieves repositories accessible to the chosen role.
      Page The Page number. Used for pagination of the results, using the Page property of a previous Get repositories action.
      Items per page The number of workspaces retrieved per page.
    Get workspaces Connection

    The connection for the data source.

    • Bitbucket - Get workspaces:
      Page: The Page number. Used for pagination of the results, using the Page property of a previous Get workspaces action.
      Items per page The number of workspaces retrieved per page.