Placeholder step

Use the Placeholder step as a temporary step when building the workflow. It can be replaced by another step at a later point when you know the full extent of the workflow logic and path. This step needs no human interaction, and no action is performed on the K2 server.

You can start building your workflow on the canvas, adding placeholder steps for paths and processes to tweak and configure at a later stage. Replace these placeholder steps by any step from the Toolbox by dragging the selected step onto the Placeholder step.

Use the Placeholder step in the following scenarios:

  • Sketch out a workflow without knowing the exact implementation details yet
  • Wireframe a workflow concept and return at a later stage to configure the step details
  • Wireframe a workflow concept, save it and then hand it over to another designer to fully implement it

Drag the Placeholder step from the Basic category, Favorites bar, or the Recent category onto the canvas. Drag a line from any step into open space on the canvas to automatically create a Placeholder step.

Example of a Placeholder step in a workflow