Merge step

Use the Merge step to bring parallel paths within the workflow back together into a single path. A Merge step has to link to a Split step within the workflow. This is a prerequisite when adding a Merge step. This step is also a quick way to identify where parallel paths converge in the workflow diagram. You decide when a Merge step can move on by customizing rules around the Merge step in order to suit your business requirements.

Use the Merge step in the following scenarios:

  • Merge parallel paths into a single path
  • Easy identification of parallel paths
  • When using complex workflow structures, make use of the Merge step to combine non-parallel path to a single path. This reduces visual complexity on the canvas. An example of this is a workflow which has multiple levels of approval tasks but only one shared Approved step. Use the Merge step to bring all the approval paths into a single path that connects to the Approval step.

Drag the Merge step from the Logic category, Favorites bar or the Recent category onto the canvas.

Example of a Merge step in a workflow

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