Smartfield Composer

Use the Smartfield Composer to configure nested inline functions and SmartObject methods, and to change values used in SmartField-enabled controls. Drag inline functions or SmartObjects from the Context Browser into a SmartField and the Smartfield Composer opens.

See the following resources for more information:

Navigate the Smartfield Composer

The table below describes the options available within the Smartfield Composer:

Area Description
Tab Indicator

The color of the tab changes to a black background. This indicates that you are working with the Smartfield Composer in the highlighted area. In this example, you dragged a Function from the Context Browser into the On Date text box which opens the Smartfield Composer. This text box is located in the Due Date section on the Task tab.

Close the Composer

Use the X button to close the Smartfield Composer. In this example, click Close to return to the Task tab.


This textbox contains the functions and SmartObjects dragged into the SmartfField. You can drag multiple items into the textbox. Double-click an added object to view the configure section. The arrow below the added object indicates the selected object and comes in handy when you've added several functions and SmartObjects to the textbox.

Configure Section

Use the configure section to construct your function. Here you can configure nested inline functions and SmartObjects. You can also see how chained functions and SmartObjects are linked together to get the data that you need in the right format.

Welcome to the Smartfield Composer

This is a Welcome message with short introduction to the Smartfield Composer. This message disappears when you start configuring the functions and SmartObjects. To remove it permanently, click the Got It button.

SmartFields are easy to spot by their Type / Drop watermark.

Drag the following items into SmartFields:

For more information on SmartFields and how to use it in a working scenario, see the How to: An example of using the Context Browser.

For more information on how to use the All items as a collection option when configuring SmartObjects within the Smartfield Composer, see the How to: Use the All items as a collection option topic.