Set Folio step

The purpose of a folio is to provide a unique label for each instance of a workflow. Use the Set Folio step to configure the folio value. This value is typically visible on your task list and various reports, and provides a helpful mechanism to identify different instances of the same workflow. See How To: Configure Forms with Draft Functionality for an example of using the Set Folio step with a form configured for mobile use.

Use the Set Folio step in the following scenarios:

  • Provide a unique tag for each instance of a workflow
  • Use the value to make static text or dynamic values visible throughout the lifetime of a process instance
  • Use the Set Folio step to change the folio value at any point in the workflow. This can be useful to track changing values throughout the workflow lifecycle, such as when a time frame (such as a ship date) needs to be recalculated.

Drag the Set Folio step from the Basic category, Favorites bar, or the Recent category onto the canvas.

Example of a Set Folio step in a workflow