Custom K2 SmartWizards

Custom K2 SmartWizards can be created to provide workflow steps for often repeated tasks, and for workflow tasks that call and send complex data from backend systems. A custom SmartWizard presents a series of steps to a user in order to accomplish a task. The benefit of using a custom SmartWizard is that complex tasks can be accomplished by normal users. K2 Wizards are now easier to create, with no .NET code needed.

The building blocks of the K2 SmartWizard are assembled within the SmartWizard's layout.xml definition file. That definition is then registered with the thick and thin client K2 designers. The following process should be followed when creating SmartWizards:

Make sure all SmartObjects and their SmartObject methods that will be used exist and work accordingly.

The XML Schema file for the K2 SmartWizard layout.xml file can be used to validate the custom SmartWizard definition. Download the XSD from

the K2 SmartWizard data mappings do not currently support filtering

Example Projects

Two custom K2 SmartWizards are provided for demonstration purposes. They incorporate the use of a SmartBox SmartObject, WizardPages with various controls, validations, data structures, references, and events.

The sample package can be downloaded from the SmartWizard Example topic. The package contains a K2 Designer for Visual Studio project with the SmartObject sodx file, a K2 Pocess kprx file, and the SmartWizard layout.xml definitions.