Word to email template

Available only with Enterprise Edition

Nintex Drawloop DocGen allows you to use a Word document as an email template to be included in a DocGen Package. Using an email template is an efficient way to standardize content for your email delivery method. With the Word to email template feature, your end users will have the ability to edit the email body from the template before it is sent.

This page will cover how to:

Before you start 

Create an email template in Word

Follow the steps below to create an email template in Word.

Configure a Word to email template for a delivery method

Now that you've created your email template in Word, follow the directions below to configure the template for an email delivery option:

  1. Upload the Word file to your Salesforce Files, then add the file to the appropriate library and ensure that your users have access to that library. See Upload and Share Files in the Salesforce help.
  1. Open or Create a DocGen Package.
  1. Add templates to a DocGen Package.
  1. In the Templates configuration, select Include Template field and set it to one of the following:
    • Email Body for Delivery Only
    • Always, Optionally, or Conditionally. When one of these options are set, select the Available as Email Body for Delivery check box that displays. This option includes a copy of the template as an email attachment.
  2. Rename the Template Name field if preferred.
  3. Click Save. You are now ready to configure the Microsoft Word template as an email delivery method.

Note: You can use both Salesforce Email as Delivery Method or SMTP Delivery Method.

  1. Select the Delivery tab.
  2. Scroll down to locate and click Add Delivery Option.
  3. Expand Email and click Email.
  4. Complete the delivery options:
  5. Ensure that you set the Email Contents field to Word to Email Template.
  6. Under Email Template, select the template file that you want to use if more than one displays:
  7. Click Save.
  8. Run the DocGen package.

Edit the email body of your Word template before it is sent

After you've completed configured a Word template for an email delivery method, your users can edit the email body before sending emails.

This feature is currently not supported in the DocGen Lightning Component.

Note: Although Rich Text controls are available to make some formatting changes to your email before it is sent, the intent of the feature focuses on the ability to make desired content changes. If more advanced changes are required such as formatting changes to tables and font styles, we recommend that you make these changes directly in the template document.