Data centers

New environments and Sandboxes that are created are defaulted to your local data center. This means that if a customer is in one region, but has users in different regions, those users for that customer's environment will be sent to the data center that is closest to that user's location. See below for a list of available data centers:

  • US West

  • US East

  • Germany (EU)

  • Australia

Important: New customers and their Sandboxes are defaulted to their local data center.

Change your data center

To default to your regional data center, review the following:

  1. In your Sandbox, confirm remote sites have been activated for EU1 or AP1. We recommend that you activate all the remote sites listed under Unauthorized endpoint.

Note: To confirm your remote sites have been activated, see Unauthorized endpoint.

  1. If you have any IP restrictions in your Sandbox, add the EU1 and AP1 IPs. We recommend that you add all the IPs listed under IP Range/Address.

  2. If you are using FTP or SMTP delivery options and your IT department requires an allowlist of IPs, then add the EU1 and AP1 IPs. We recommend that you add all the IPs that are listed under IP Range/Address.

  3. Open a case with support to update your sandbox to the regional data center and provide your Sandbox org ID.

  4. Test your Nintex DocGen for Salesforce use cases in your Sandbox.

  5. Repeat steps 1 - 5 for your production environment.