Copy document

Use the Copy document actionA tool for building the processes, logic, and direction within workflows. to copy a document from one document library to another library within the current site.

The content type of the source library must match the content type of the destination library. The workflow will give an error if the source and destination content types are incompatible.

Note:  Only copying to and from root-level locations are supported. Copying to or from subfolders is not supported. You cannot copy from a parent site to a sub site.

Before you start 

Add and configure the Copy document action

  1. Click the Libraries and Lists action group in the action toolbox.
  2. or

    Type the action name or function in the Search field at the top of the action toolbox.

  1. Drag the Copy document action to the designer canvas.
  2. Open the Action configuration window. For steps on how to open the Action configuration window, see Action configuration window.
  3. Select the document library the Itemyou want to copy belongs to.
  4. Specify Where the item to copy is located.
  5. Select the Destination Library to copy the document to.
  6. Specify the Overwrite option.
  7. Click Save.

For more information on the fields and buttons see, Copy document fields, buttons and settings.