Azure AD create user

Creates a new user account in Azure Active Directory.

Note: This is an external action and may execute on servers running outside your data centerCentralized locations used to house servers used by Nintex for remote storage, processing, or distribution of data. Nintex has a number of regional data centers available for Nintex for Office 365. For information about Nintex data centers and where your data center is located, contact your Nintex account or territory manager. region. Before implementing, consider performance and regional concerns where digital boundaries are an issue. For more information, see In-tenant and external actions.

Action settings

Do one of the following to open the Action configuration window:

  • Double-click the action.
  • Click on the action and then click Configure.

See Action configuration window for more information.

Field Description
Connection Select the Nintex Connector - Azure Active Directory Administration connection type. See Connection types and Connector actions for more details.

Type the user's display name.

Example: Lindsey Jones

User name

Type the user's email or principal name.


Force user to change password at first login

For Equals, select one of the following options:

  • Value: Select Yes or No.
  • Workflow variables:  Select an existing variable.
  • List Lookup: Reference and set values at run time.
  • Workflow Context: Reference the URL of the current site.
Add fields Adds an additional field from the Azure AD connection.
First name

(Available when a field is added.)

Type the user's first name.

Store password (auto generated)

Select or create a workflow variable.

For more information about how to use Lookups in configuration fields, see Lookups in action configuration fields.