Determine the size of a workflow

To better understand the overall size of a workflow, you can decompress the .nwp file to view its true size.

Note: Workflows in Nintex Workflow for Office 365 are saved as .nwp files.

To determine the size of a workflow

  1. Export your workflow as follows:

    1. In the Workflow designer, open the workflow.

    2. Click Export in the ribbon.

      The browser determines if the site is trusted and then initiates the file download process.

    3. Respond to prompts from the web browser to download and save the workflow to a location.

  2. In the File Explorer, change the .nwp file extension to .zip. The following warning message appears:

    Be aware that once the file is extracted it cannot be re-compressed into a .nwp file.

  3. Extract the newly created .zip file.

    The resulting folder size is the true size of the workflow definition within SharePoint Online.

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