Nintex Xtensions
Development Guide

Nintex Xtensions™ is Nintex's extensibility framework that allows you to define your own custom connectors for use in the Nintex Workflow Platform. This guide takes you through the process of defining a custom connector and importing and configuring it in the Xtensions portal for use in workflow designs.

NOTE: Currently, the framework only supports the design of custom actions. Creating starting events with custom connectors is not yet available.

Use the industry standard in API definition...


  • By using the OpenAPI Specification (formerly known as Swagger), you create a description of your API services that is open, reusable and language-agnostic
  • Find out about using the OpenAPI Specification with Nintex here seamlessly integrate your RESTful services...

Custom Connectors

  • Use an OpenAPI Specification to create custom connectors so workflows can access the content stores and cloud services you use every day
  • Get started creating your own custom connectors today

...for use in the
Nintex Workflow Platform

Nintex Workflow Platform

  • No matter what your platform, no matter where you keep your content, Nintex Workflow automates your processes, so that everyone along the process can connect, collaborate and keep on working.
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