Nintex RPA Central

Nintex is a global innovator in Robotic Process Automation A technology that uses bots to automate business operations. (RPA). The Nintex RPA LE platform rapidly delivers efficiency to your organization. Nintex RPA LE provides easy-to-use tools that automate tasks in hours and days rather than weeks and months. Scale up by adding a workforce of bots An autonomous program on a network that interacts with computer systems or users. that handle large projects as a team.

Nintex RPA Central is an on-premise web app accessible from a browser on the same domain that enables you to:

Nintex RPA Central works with Nintex Bot and allows you to centrally control and orchestrate your Botflows Automated steps that you can design for each bot that will run. through leveraging a simple web interface that manages your bots (Nintex Bot Historically named Nintex RPA Foxtrot. The Nintex Bot application is where you design a botflow consisting of steps that the bot will automate.) and botflows with enterprise-grade encryption.

Quick Start

Review the details required to install and get Nintex RPA Central working with Nintex Bot.


Create, publish, and run botflows. View and manage instances. And, manage bots.

Manage license and subscription details. Edit the Nintex RPA Central URL. And, manage users.

Home Page

Explore and download example templates from the gallery to help build your automations faster.