Nintex Process Discovery Overview

About Process Discovery

Whether you’re launching your first automation project or scaling up an existing one, the automation journey can seem daunting. The time and effort it takes to uncover the known and unknown manual business processes in your organization can make Robotic Process Automation (RPA) an extremely inefficient and costly endeavor.

Full-Cycle Automation with Nintex Process Discovery makes the development and deployment of RPA easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before. With Process Discovery, you can cut implementation time by up to 80%.

Nintex Process Discovery is a market-leading automated Discovery Robot. It uses unique technology to automatically identify work processes, visually map the main path and variants of any given process, evaluate their suitability for automation, and instantly generate workflows.

Powered by patented proprietary AI technology, Nintex Process Discovery is the only process mapping tool of its kind available today, boasting innovative algorithms that make easy work of seeing exactly what’s going on in your enterprise. Working unobtrusively behind the scenes, it automatically generates a comprehensive picture of manual business processes. An intelligent analytics engine crunches the data and suggests the best candidates for automation, as well as the potential time and cost savings.

Once this is done, Nintex Process Discovery generates workflows right away, ready to be exported to the Studio in just a few quick clicks.

In summary:

  • Nintex Process Discovery automates the creation of Process Design Documents (PDD).

  • Nintex Process Discovery bots collect the relevant actions users are doing on their screen and push that data to a secured database, where the unique algorithms turn it into process flows and statistics that can be reviewed by the business consultant on a process mapping dashboard. All without human interaction.

  • On the dashboards, Nintex Process Discovery visualizes all (repetitive) work done by users:

    • Including tasks which are executed under the radar of management.

    • Unbiased overview of the work being done.

  • Nintex Process Discovery provides the metrics and process details to assess process optimization and\or find automation potential.

  • Nintex Process Discovery is the only tool in the market that not only identifies processes and makes automation recommendations, but also goes the extra mile by developing automation workflows in combination with Nintex RPA.

Nintex Process Discovery Architecture

The architecture of a typical Nintex Process Discovery deployment is shown below.

The solution includes the following main components:

  • Discovery Robots: Nintex agents that are installed on end-user workstations to record and collect user actions, and push this information to the Process Discovery Server over secured protocols.

  • Process Discovery Server: Collects and processes the user action data it receives from the Discovery Robots, and runs algorithms to identify work processes, evaluate their suitability for automation, and generate recommended workflows that can be exported to the Studio.

  • Console: Presents process flows and statistics to business consultants on a process mapping dashboard.