My Nintex

A participant role is required. For more information, see User roles.

My Nintex provides a central destination for participants to access information, to interact with workflows, forms and tasks that they have interacted with.

In Nintex Automation Cloud, for a workflow instance a participant is either the user who submitted the form or responded to a task. All participants can see the forms and all files uploaded to submitted workflow start event forms or task forms for a workflow instance, depending on the settings selected in My Nintex settings and File upload storage.

A participant has permissions to submit forms and close task forms via Nintex Mobile and My Nintex in the Nintex Automation Cloud tenant.

If you are involved in a process either as a form submitter or a task assignee, My Nintex will provide you with all the information you need to make better and more informed decisions.

My Nintex provides participants the ability to:

  • Submit a new form to initiate a workflow.

  • Respond to a task that's assigned to them.

  • View and track all active and completed tasks.

  • View a previously completed task and previously submitted forms.

  • Submit new forms and view previously submitted forms.

  • Save forms to complete later.

  • Track the progress of form submissions and view the progress of the workflow, the task history including the outcomes and previous task approvals depending on the setting selected in My Nintex Settings. See, My Nintex settings.

  • View both the form submission data and task forms in one screen on the dashboard, enabling task assignees to view all required information when responding to tasks.

Access the My Nintex page

  • On the top navigation bar, click My Nintex.

    The Dashboard of My Nintex is displayed.