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​​​​​​​​* This topic applies to Nintex Forms Enterprise Edition only​​​​​​​​​

* Supported for use in Desktop layouts only in the Classic Forms Designer

* Not supported by Internet Explorer 7

Print to PDF allows a user to print a form to PDF. 

To format the page length of the rendered PDF

To control page breaks of the rendered PDF

When a form is published, the Print to PDF button displays in the ribbon. The users can use this button to convert the form to a PDF file. Once completed, the PDF is rendered with a page break wherever the Page Break Guide control was inserted into the form. 

Unsupported form configuration for PDF rendering




Form Configuration Custom CSS rule @Media rule. Only applies to Internet Explorer 8.


  • Page viewer control.
  • The Rich Text feature in the Multiple Line Textbox control is only supported in view mode.

    To render a form as a PDF in new mode and edit mode, change the Rich Text settings in the Multiple Line Textbox control to No. This applies to all browsers.

Applies to all browsers.


SVG images

Applies to all browsers.

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