Gets the collection of available outcomes that are configured for a Flexi task action in a workflow.


public ConfiguredOutcomeCollection GetOutcomesForFlexiTask(
	int spTaskId,
	string taskListName


Type: System.Int32

Required. The identifier of the list item for the task.

Type: System.String

Optional. The name of the task list that contains the list item for the task.


Type: ConfiguredOutcomeCollection

A collection of ConfiguredOutcome objects, each of which represents information about an available outcome for the specified task item.


An error occurs if the task list specified in taskListName or the task item specified in spTaskId does not exist. The task list for a Flexi task action in a workflow is not created until the action has been performed at least once.

When specifying an outcome in the ProcessFlexiTaskResponse2 method, use the value of the Name property in a ConfiguredOutcome object from the collection returned by this method to specify the outcome of the task response.


The following example demonstrates how to use this operation to delete a form.


The following SOAP request attempts to retrieve the list of configured outcomes for the task list item with an identifier of 1 in the task list named Workflow Tasks.

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:nin="">
         <nin:taskListName>Workflow Tasks</nin:taskListName>


The following SOAP response returns a collection of three configured outcomes for the task list item, named Approve, Reject, and Consider, all of which allow optional comments.

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" 
      <GetOutcomesForFlexiTaskResponse xmlns="">
            <ConfiguredOutcome Id="1" Name="Approve" CommentsMode="Optional" Description="" BranchIndex="1"/>
            <ConfiguredOutcome Id="2" Name="Reject" CommentsMode="Optional" Description="" BranchIndex="0"/>
            <ConfiguredOutcome Id="3" Name="Consider" CommentsMode="Optional" Description="" BranchIndex="2"/>

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