Meet Nintex RPA

Nintex is a global innovator in Robotic Process AutomationA technology that uses bots to automate business operations. (RPA). The Nintex RPA platform rapidly delivers efficiency to your organization. Nintex RPA is the fastest time-to-value RPA solution on the market providing easy-to-use tools that automate tasks in hours and days rather than weeks and months. Scale up by adding a workforce of botsAn autonomous program on a network (especially the Internet) that interacts with computer systems or users. that handle large projects as a team.

Nintex RPA is a program that enables you to automate tasks involving desktop or browser applications. Non-technical users can quickly build a sophisticated botflowA single RPA file comprised of RPA actions designed to automate a task or tasks. to perform repetitive or time consuming tasks. You train Nintex RPA using intuitive drag-and-drop tools. Once you create a botflow, it can be reused or scheduled to run on a regular basis.

Nintex RPA interacts with applications the same way a person would. By using the keyboard and mouse to interact with an application, that application's audit trail remains intact. Any data that is entered into the application is subject to the same formatting rules and business logic that occurs when the data is entered manually. This makes it safer than loading the data into the application's back-end database.

You can train Nintex RPA to handle a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Entering data into a desktop or browser application.
  • Moving data between separate applications.
  • Locating and updating information in your business systems.

Nintex RPA Window Overview

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Actions Quick Reference
Actions Quick Reference

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