A Credential contains a username and an encrypted password that Nintex Bot uses to log into an application.

A botflowBotflows are automated steps that you can design for each bot that will run. can contain an unlimited number of Credentials.  All Credentials are stored in the botflow file.

Note: When using a Credential, you will be required to enter the Password to ensure security.

Create a Credential

To create a credential:

  1. Click Add Item () on the Botflow Pane.
  2. Click Credential.
  3. Type a Name for the credential.
  4. Type a unique Username.
    • The username cannot match the name of any other credential in the botflow.
    • For email, the username is the email address.
  5. Type the value of the Password and confirm it to ensure that the correct value has been submitted.
  6. (Optional) Select Never save protected values with botflow.
  7. Note: In compliance with companies that have a policy against saved passwords, when selected, neither the password nor any of the Additional Field values are saved in the botflow. This option is for use in an attended bot situation where the user must first enter the password and/or Additional Field values before botflow runs, either by using the Credential Prompt action or by manually setting those values.

  8. (Optional) Type Notes to document any special instructions or functionality.
  9. Click OK to save the credential.

Manage Credentials

To manage Credentials:

  1. Navigate to the Credential on the Botflow PaneUsed to manage a variety of project information such as credentials, variables, lists, and Excel connections..
  2. Right-click the Credential.
  3. The Context Menu displays.

  4. Use the Context Menu to add, edit, delete and unlock Credentials.