Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2010 release notes

Release January 17, 2019

Database version:

SP Service Pack/CU: December 2018

SQL Database: SQL Server 2008

Performance improvements and resolved issues

  • Fixed issue with editing content controls from the Word Document generated by Update Document action (94036)

  • Fixed issue with task approvals/delegation on second page of history (83178)

  • Fixed issue with extra line breaks in emails when HTML table is used in a variable (33182)

  • Fixed issue with Variables set a condition configuration control on site workflows (64244)

  • Fixed issue with enabling Nintex Live from Central Administration (107991)

  • Fixed issue with setting multiple values in Web Request (39947)

  • Improved My Workflow Tasks Web Part load performance (107505)

  • Fixed issue with NWAdmin Deploy Workflow creating duplicated workflow in item context menu (84133)

  • Fixed issue with Document Generation and Create Item in another site when navigating to site collections with a managed path of Explicit Inclusion (101874)

  • Fixed issue with accessing the Workflow Inventory page when site collection is locked (60810)

  • Fixed issue with Web Request not returning failed responses (88654)

  • Fixed issue with NWAdmin migrateUser when migrating account to another domain (30174)

  • Improved Workflows I've Started Web Part load performance (106418)

  • Fixed issue with Last Activity Date error on Purge workflow data page (78942)

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