Twilio is a cloud communications platform used to add text messaging capabilities to software applications. For more information about Twilio, see the company website.

In the context of Nintex Automation Cloud, Twilio is a connector Service used to define a connection required for associated actions and start events. Examples include Salesforce and Box. Method of integration to cloud services, business applications and content stores..

The Twilio connector is used to create a connection for the Twilio action. The receiving method for the Twilio action is Webhooks Automatic notification method to pass information about an event between Nintex Automation Cloud and the indicated service. For example, the start event Box - New file automatically notifies Nintex Automation Cloud of any new file..

Create a Twilio connection

Note: Your browser-stored credentials are accessed to create connections. Either clear credentials from browser memory or make sure the stored credentials are for the intended environment.

Create a connection from the connections page or from the action configuration panel when configuring the action. For information about creating connections and assigning permissions, see Manage connections.

In the Connection settings section, complete the fields as follows.


Select or enter the following

Connection name A user-friendly name for your new connection.

Phone Number

The source phone number referenced in Twilio messages.

Note: Make sure you prefix the phone number with a plus sign ("+") and include the area code. For example, +425-555-1234.

Account SID

The public identifier of the Twilio account and. Acts as user name for the API request. You can find the Account SID on your Twilio account dashboard.

Auth Token

Acts as password for the API request. You can find the Auth Token on your Twilio account dashboard.