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MailChimp delete campaign

Nintex external platform is required for this feature. For details, see Enable Nintex external platform features.

Deletes a campaign from MailChimp.

Note: This action references the MailChimp user account indicated by the specified API key.

Action settings

Following are the fields and options visible in the configuration settings dialog box for this action.

Field Description

Specify the MailChimp API Key.

Campaign ID

Specify the Campaign ID.

Example campaign ID: "c80aa827b4"

To locate the campaign ID, go to the Campaigns page in MailChimp and then select View Email from the drop-down list for the campaign. The URL indicates the campaign ID by the prefix string "id=".


Store output for this action using the following selections.

  • Delete successful: Specify a Yes/No variable to store whether or not the campaign is deleted. Returns "Yes" if the campaign was successfully deleted.