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Configure the Start Site Workflow web part

This topic describes how to add the Nintex Forms Start Site Workflow web part to a SharePoint site page and configure it.

Use the Nintex Forms Start Site Workflow web part to display a site workflow that contains a start form created using Nintex Forms.

To configure the Start Site Workflow web part

  1. Navigate to the page of the site to which you want to add the web part.
  2. Click the settings icon () on the upper right and then click Edit Page.
  3. Click within the rich content area where the web part is to be inserted.
  4. In the Insert tab of the ribbon, click Web Part.

    Selections appear for categories and parts.

  5. Under Categories, click Nintex Forms.
  6. Under Parts, click Start Site Workflow.
  7. Click Add.

    The page reloads with the web part inserted.

  8. Click the down arrow () on the upper right of the web part and then select Edit Web Part.

    The Start Site Workflow panel appears on the right. The Start Workflow Settings section has the following options.

    Option Description
    Select the site workflow to start Lists published site workflows with Nintex Forms start forms.
    Refresh form on submit Determines response on form submission. When selected, reopens the form in a blank state with the configured confirmation message. When cleared, redirects to the configured redirect URL.
    Redirect URL URL to use for redirection (if Refresh form on submit is cleared).

    Confirmation message

    Text to display on form submission (if Refresh form on submit is selected).

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