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This topic walks through creating an app link to a specific form.

Nintex Mobile app links can be configured for manual or automatic submission. Examples of automatic submission include forms that submit scanned bar codes. In addition, app links can be configured for landing messages, status messages for automatic submission, and redirect URLs.

In the hypothetical scenario described here, you want to provide an app link to a form used to submit expense reports on your site and redirect to the site home page on successful submission of the form.

To create the link

  1. Note the name of the form and the URL for the site home page.
  2. Using the nintexmobile schema, form action, and relevant parameters (in red below), build the link as follows.


    Congratulations! You just created your first app link to open a specific form. You can now embed the link on your site home page or anywhere that might be useful to your customers.

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