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Nintex Workflow 2013 > Workflow Actions
Change State


This action instructs a parent State Machine action which state it should run when the current state has finished. Change state actions can only be dragged on to the designer when used in a State Machine action. 

To prevent repeated loops through states in a state machine, ensure that each state branch in the state machine has a Change state action. If a workflow completes a state branch without running a Change state action, then the workflow loops through that state again, possibly indefinitely.

Note: The Change State action must be the last action within a state. Adding actions below the Change State action may cause unexpected behavior.

If the state named in the Change state action does not exist in the state machine, then the following workflow error occurs: "Selected value '[name]' is not recognized as a known state value."​

To use the workflow action:

  • Locate the action in Workflow Actions Toolbox (located on the left hand-side);
    • Click on the Category listings to reveal the actions; OR
    • Search for the action using a keyword.
  • Select the action, drag it onto the design canvas and drop it onto a design pearl.


  • Left-clicking the pearl, mouse-over Insert Action and then the Categories to reveal the actions, click the required action from the list.

To change the settings used by the action:

  • On the action’s title click the down arrow to activate a drop-down
  • Select Configure; OR
  • Double-click the action's icon.

For more information on the other options in the drop-down, please refer to the Getting started with the Nintex Workflow designer.


Action Settings

Next state

The state to run when the current state has finished. Selecting End State Machine exits the state machine when the current state has finished. 

Note: The state change does not occur until the current state has finished. If a state contains multiple Change state actions, then only the last one takes effect.

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