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Nintex Workflow 2010 > Workflow Actions
Query User Profile

* This topic applies to Nintex Workflow Enterprise Edition only

* This action requires Microsoft SharePoint Server

The Query User Profile action will retrieve information about a user from their SharePoint user profile.

To use the workflow action:

  • Locate the action in Workflow Actions Toolbox (located on the left hand-side);
    • Click on the Category listings to reveal the actions; OR
    • Search for the action using a keyword.
  • Select the action, drag it onto the design canvas and drop it onto a design pearl.


  • Left-clicking the pearl, mouse-over Insert Action and then the Categories to reveal the actions, click the required action from the list.

To change the settings used by the action:

  • On the action’s title click the down arrow to activate a drop-down
  • Select Configure; OR
  • Double-click the action's icon.

For more information on the other options in the drop-down, please refer to the Getting started with the Nintex Workflow designer.

Action Settings


The login name of the user whose profile should be queried. Multiple users can be specified.

Properties to retrieve

A list of available profile properties that the action can read. More than one property may be retrieved.

To specify the property to retrieve:

  1. Select the desired property in the drop-down menu.
  2. Click the Add button and the property will appear below the Properties to retrieve box.
  3. Specify a workflow variable to store the value of the property to be retrieved.

Note: If a variable that is not a collection is selected, only the first result will be stored.  



An account with permissions to query the user profiles.