My Tasks

Use the My Tasks section to see how many items you have in your Inbox.

Click the Inbox to expand the All Tasks window and the Search option.

A maximum of twenty tasks are displayed in the All Tasks pane. Click More... to see more of your assigned tasks.

Refreshing Items

There are several items you can refresh related to your tasks.

  • By default, the Inbox refreshes every 300 seconds
  • To refresh the Task Card, click the task link in the All Tasks list. This will clear the form of any changes you've made
  • To refresh your current list of tasks, click the Refresh button at the bottom of the list
To configure your Task List to refresh automatically, see this K2 Community post.


Links within iframes in forms and custom workspaces may not display.

  • K2 Workspace (Desktop) cannot open prohibited iframe links. For example, custom URLs or task links from another domain may prohibit being opened in an iframe. A "Blocked URL" error message displays within the iframe.
  • Mixed security links (for example, an SSL page with a non-secure link) will not display. A "Blocked URL" error message displays within the iframe