Recipients tab

Use the Recipients tab to specify to whom the task is sent. There are two main sections:

  • Recipients - Use this section to specify which user, group or role receives the task. Add single recipient or roles, create groups containing recipients, and create dynamic recipients.
  • Recipients Rule - Allows you to add logic to specify who receives the task. Select All Recipients to send the task to all users, roles, and groups, or select Certain Recipients, based on a rule to define conditions on who receives a task.

When adding recipients or groups, note the following:

Roles are created and maintained in Management and are typically used for assigning workflow tasks or setting security in K2. Roles can contain one or more users and groups from multiple user managers, and can be applied to multiple Task steps in a workflow and multiple workflows. See Roles for more information about creating and using roles in your environment.

A recipient group is defined in a Task step in a workflow. You can create a recipient group that contains users, roles, and groups from other user managers. The group is task-specific and does not apply to other Task steps in the same workflow or other workflows. If you want to reuse a group, we suggest you create a role.

Example of a configured Recipients tab