Deleting a Feature Instance

This topic discusses how to delete a feature instance and all artifacts when you no longer require the feature instance on your environment.

When you create a feature instance, K2 creates artifacts such as service instances, SmartObjects, OAuth resources, OAuth tokens, and workflow steps. The following table displays available features and their corresponding artifacts.

Feature Service Instances SmartObjects OAuth Resource OAuth Tokens Workflow Steps
DocuSign Yes Yes No No Yes
Exchange Online Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Salesforce Yes Yes Yes Yes No

As an example, the steps below describe how to delete a Exchange Online Feature Instance. The steps would be similar for other Feature Instances, and you can use the table above to understand what artifacts to delete for that feature.

Removing artifacts and integration can cause existing applications to stop working, You should understand the potential impact of deleting any of these artifacts and integration points in your applications before removing these items.