Using SmartObjects in Workflows

You can use SmartObjects during workflow execution to query and update line of business (LOB) data. This topic covers the sections in which you can use SmartObjects with workflows.


The SmartObjects category in the Toolbox of the K2 Workflow Designer contains standard SmartObjects and custom SmartObjects. You can use these SmartObject methods within a workflow by dragging them onto the canvas, and then configure them to be part of your workflow.

For any SmartObject to reflect in the K2 Workflow Designer's SmartObjects tab, you must select the Allow this SmartObject to be used in Workflows option when creating the SmartObject. For example, if you want to use a custom SmartObject, you need to edit the specific SmartObject from the category tree and select this option. If this is not done, the SmartObject will not surface in the SmartObjects tab in the K2 Workflow Designer for use in a workflow.

Context Browser

Use the Context Browser on the right of the workflow designer to access items such as Fields, Functions, SmartObjects, and objects from the Workflow context.


Use SmartObjects in Functions to alter data or evaluate a condition and return a result.

Item Reference

Create references from SmartObjects to be used in a workflow. An item reference makes the SmartObject data available for use in subsequent workflow steps.