The following methods are available when you create a SmartObject:

  • The Create/Save & Delete methods: These methods are used to populate the SmartObject with records.
  • The Load/Get List methods allow you to retrieve records from the SmartObject.

You will not see the Methods tab when you create a simple SmartObject as default methods are automatically created for you. If you need to control the configuration of the methods, such as when you create a composite SmartObject (using multiple service objects), or you need to chain SmartObject methods, you must create an Advanced SmartObject.
The five standard methods of SmartObjects are:

  • Create - Creates records
  • Save - Saves records
  • Load - Loads a single record
  • Delete - Deletes records
  • Get List - Lists records

These methods are available in the K2 Object Browser under Environment > SmartObject Server for use in K2 Workflows.If you want to choose multiple SmartObject services, or to add/delete SmartObject methods, you must create an Advanced SmartObject or edit the simple SmartObject and change the type to Advanced SmartObject.